Hops are the “zest of beer.” We use high-quality aromatic hops from the German agricultural regions of Tettnang and Hallertau. Rothaus Brewery belongs to the very few breweries that exclusively use aromatic hops for its beers. The aromatic hops that we use give our beer its characteristic bitter taste and its balanced and pleasant hop aroma.

Hops (Humulus lupulus) belong to the hemp family (Cannalinaceae). They’re dioecious, which means that there female as well as male plants. During cultivation, only female hop plants are used. They’re the ones that contain the hop cones rich in lupulin and their distinct aromas. According to law, male plants must be cleared in order to mitigate pollination. Pollinated female hops lose not only their bitter-tasting compounds, but also their aroma. Male hops are only used for crossbreeding.

Hop aromas are extremely perishable, and change within a short amount of time after harvest. For that reason, they’re turned to a large extent into pellets on site. Pellets are hop cones that have been chopped up, pressed, and preserved through a gas, allowing them to be stored for years without qualitative deterioration.

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