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Rothaus Brauerei von außen

Welcome to Rothaus

Home of our famous Tannenzäpfle

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The original Black Forest beer

Taste the Black Forest in its purest form. All our beers are produced from regional ingredients and are brewed on 1000 meters above sea level. Our seven water sources around the brewery and hops from Tettnang and Hallertau help create the unique taste of Rothaus beer. Learning about our Rothaus world does not end here, though.

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A world of enjoyment

Enjoy the walking tour through our production line, learn about the history and our philosophy and discover the high-level Black Forest cuisine in the Rothaus GenussWelt. It does not matter if you are longing for modern architecture or traditional chic: you will find the best of both worlds combined and presented in a bright variety of themes and events  around the year.

Find out about the "GenussWelt"

Rothaus outside the Black Forest region

A couple of years ago, Rothaus started transporting this unique mix of tradition and zeitgeist into the cities of Baden-Württemberg. In Stuttgart for instance, you can visit the Rothaus, a spacious restaurant located in the Gerber quarter. The well-rounded design of the interior matches the exquisite cuisine.

In Offenburg, right in the middle of Freiburg and Karlsruhe you can enjoy black forest coziness in our very special ZÄPFLE Bar. Casual style mixed with high-quality flair. Enjoy a cold beer with a traditional black forest snack or give the variety of beery cocktails a try. Keep an eye out for music events on a regular basis.

Classy and laidback

Rothaus in Freiburg

Classic cuisine from Baden and fresh draft Rothaus beers meet modern Black Forest interior. The combination of an easy atmosphere and professional hospitality is what this "Black Forest embassy" is best known for. ROTHAUS - Schwarzwald erleben (experiencing the Black Forest), in the heart of Freiburg. Honest, modern and far from overbearing.