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25/10/19, von Leo, export

I'm a super fan of Rothaus, the most leka beer in the world! I used to live in Germany for four years, drinking Rothaus EVERYDAY! Now I'm back to China. Could I ask how can I obtain the original Rothaus in China? I'm missing her, sooooooo much.

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24/05/19, von Patrick,

Enjoyed the tour and facility. Impressed by the commitment to sustainability. However I did not appreciate the misogynist "humor" of your head guide. That is really no longer appropriate.

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04/03/18, von Johnny Holiday,

Rothaus Tannen Zaäpfle, absolutely without any doubt, the best beer on the planet.

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11/12/17, von Joe,

I remember having your beer back in 1978 while in Germany, and I remember it being one of the better pilsner beers I had tasted to that point. Here it is, years later, 2017, and I got the surprise of my life when I saw your Tannenzapfle in a liquor store here in New Jersey, United States. I purchased a case of it, and 4 days later, it is...

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21/10/17, von Felician Dumitrascu,

Hi there, I have just finished my first Rothaus bier bottle from my brother in law who bought them from Germany. I want to say is very good, tasty and balanced. I recommend this beer to everyone. Good job Rothaus!

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06/07/17, von Petrr,

Thanks for excellent guide tour in brewery and excellent food and beer in restaurant. Approach of staff was excellent. Please, say my thank you especially to waitress Marta from Poland. She is really nice person. Best regards, Petr from Czech republic

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