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Rothaus beer in Finland!

My 18th book is about Schwarzwald. Of course, the book contains nearly 10 pages of Rothaus brewery and products. 12 photographic trips to Schwarzwald and we have always returned to Finland with a car full of Rothaus beer of course!

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23. 07. 2019 , Badische Staats...

Oh wow! That's amazing! We're super glad that you love Black Forest and our beer from the highlands. Cheers and all the best to you to beautiful Finland. Your Team Rothaus :)

22. 08. 2019 , Gast


09. 03. 2020 , Gast

Just awesome!!! I read that the author of the book is a Finnish master who made 22 books in 6 years!!! A W E S O M E ! Too bad Rothaus beer is not available in Finland, I would like to taste... maybe one day! :D

Rothaus beer in Finland! | Rothaus


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