Water is the “backbone of beer.” We extract our beer from seven of our own natural springs. These springs lie within protected water source regions right in the middle of the forest, far away from any concentrations of industry. Our spring water is of such a high quality that it’s put directly into our brewing vessels without any prior preparation. Aside from its purity, our spring water’s very low hardness (1.5°dH) makes it ideal water for brewing high quality beer. Our brewing water is not only measured through our own quality control department for microbiological and chemical components, but also through external laboratories.

Our water sources lie in the west portion of the southeast region of the Black Forest. The bedrock consists of Paleozoic granite (Lenzkirch-Steina-Granite GL and Schluchsee-Granite GS), which in higher locations is superimposed by multicolored sandstone. Large layers of deposits and so-called solifluction soils that extend multiple meters in height cover the bedrock layers. The loose structure of the surface layer and the fractures in the sandstone and granite layers result in the water to sit idle in the ground for a relatively short amount of time.

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