Beer production in Germany does not use non-malted barley, but rather high quality processed brewing malt. Companies that specialize in the production of malt make brewing malt. It’s there that the barley germination process takes place. This germination process lasts roughly six days and is then ended through gentle drying in kilns. Our brewing malt is produced with indigenous, two-row summer brew barley, which is grown exclusively in Rothaus’ surrounding regions and malted according to our standards by malting companies within Baden-Württemberg. For decades we’ve held a strong business relationship with both the farmers and the malting companies.

The cultivation of our malt’s barley follows the guidelines for integrated and controlled cultivation (ik-Anbau). This enables us to bring both economy and ecology into harmony. We therefore view the resulting additional charge for ika-barley as a means to foster local malting barley cultivation, agriculture and support environmental protection.

A large portion of the malting barley, which is cultivated by the farmers of malting barley collectives, is required by Rothaus for the production of malt. Aside from barley malt, we also use wheat malt for the production of our hefeweizen wheat beer. This is produced from brewer’s wheat.

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