Brewer’s yeast

Yeast is what allows the beer wort to ferment. Barley sugars, alcohol and carbon dioxide, as well as a wide spectrum of flavor compounds result from the fermentation process.

For the production of our beer, specially bred yeast strains from the Technischen Universität Weihenstephan are used. The bottom-fermented purebred yeast strains, which are multiplied in house, are used for our Rothaus Pils and Rothaus Märzen-Export, whereas the top-fermented yeast strains are used for our Rothaus Hefeweizen.

Following the most advanced knowledge available regarding yeast, the yeast is stored in such a way that allows it to thrive and remain active for fermentation. That’s why it’s unnecessary to use genetically modified yeast, such as are used abroad. The use of yeast requires our brewmasters to have experience with microbiology, and our workers to maintain the appropriate levels of sanitation and hygiene.

Brewer’s yeast | Rothaus


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