Ingredients—Foundation for a good beer

The German Beer Purity Law of 1516 is the oldest food regulation in the world that is still in effect today. Almost 500 years old, yet just as up to date today as it was back then, it serves as the foundation for the production of beer. According to it, beer in Germany can only be produced from water, malt, hops and yeast. We only use the best, hand-selected and sustainably produced ingredients, even if they’re more expensive. We acquire these from long-established distributors in the region of Baden-Württemberg and other neighboring regions. We place the largest value on our ingredients. After all, the maxim still holds true that good beer can only be produced from the best ingredients.

Water is the “backbone of beer.” We extract our beer from natural springs surrounding the brewery.

> Water

Malt is an especially important part of beer. It’s what gives beer its abundance of flavors, as well as its color. Malt is often described as the “soul of the beer.”

> Malt

Hops are the “zest of beer.” It’s what gives beer its aroma and distinct bitter taste.

> Hops

Brewer’s yeast is the “spirit of beer” and enables the beer wort to ferment. Fermentation derives alcohol and carbon dioxide from the malt sugars.

> Brewer’s yeast

Ingredients—Foundation for a good beer | Rothaus


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