The Sudhaus

The Sudhaus forms the very heart of Rothaus Brewery because it’s here that the actual brewing process takes place. Through a combination of water, malt grist, and hops, the beer wort is produced according to traditional formulas, and through the most modern technological equipment in such a way that it conserves both energy and the environment.

In the beginning of the brewing process, crushed malt is mixed and heated with brewing water until it becomes a mash. During this two-hour-long process, the natural enzymes in the malt allow for the robustness of the malt kernels to be transformed into a liquefied sugar extract.

Afterwards the mash is put into a lauter tun. This separates the solid components—the malt spent grains—from the liquid. The acquired product is called “wort” and is put with its valuable ingredients into the brewing kettle. The hops are then added to the brewing kettle in intervals. The wort is intensively cooked for more than an hour, whereby the hops’ bitter-tasting compounds break down and the wort acquires its distinct aroma.

After cooking it down, the beer wort possesses the original gravity necessary for its respective beer. The brewing process takes roughly six hours. Through this process roughly 450 hl of wort is produced.

The Sudhaus | Rothaus


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