Our bottling facility at Rothaus has some of the most advanced technology available. It’s because of this that we can not only satisfy the high requirements of sanitation and quality, but also guarantee that our customers will always be able to enjoy fresh quality beer.

Aside from our equipment, our bottle configurations meet the highest standards. For example, the brown beer bottles we use offer the best protection against ultraviolet rays and light, both of which can cause the flavor of the beer to spoil within the shortest amount of time. One distinguishing feature of our Zäpfle bottles is the aluminum covering, which protects the bottlenecks from contamination. These are pressed onto the bottles without the use of adhesives. Because of this, they can be easily peeled off before the beer is enjoyed. We recycle them if they remain on the bottles.  

We operate two bottling lines, both of which bottle 55,000 and 60,000 respectively per hour.

Bottling | Rothaus


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