Fermentation and storage

The Sudhaus forms the very heart of Rothaus Brewery because it’s here that the actual brewing process takes place. Through a combination of water, malt grist, and hops, the beer wort is produced according to traditional formulas, and through the most modern technological equipment in such a way that it conserves both energy and the environment.

Out of the barley sugars present in the wort, alcohol, carbon dioxide as well as flavor compounds are formed within seven days through reaction with the yeast. For the top-fermented Rothaus Hefeweizen, the wort ferments in three to four days at temperatures of between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. After the main fermentation stage, the green beer goes into storage for four weeks at a temperature of -2 degrees Celsius. Here the distinct, matured and rounded flavors, as well as the so-called “Rezenz” or carbonation, develop. The stainless steel tanks used for this process each have a volume of 1,800 hl.

Fermentation and storage | Rothaus


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