Environmental Conservation

The Rothaus Brewery lies right in the middle of the High Black Forest—one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany. That’s why we’ve felt obliged to conserve the environment since day one. Even before environmental conservation became commonplace in public discourse, we’ve given careful consideration to questions relating to the environment. For decades environmental conservation has been a living praxis for Rothaus. At Rothaus we exclusively use high-quality returnable bottles that can be reused up to forty times. When printing our labels, we only use inks that are free of heavy metals. The aluminum foil around the bottleneck is applied without adhesives so it can be conveniently pulled off. Most of these foils remain on the bottle and are in this way returned to the brewery. Before the bottles are cleaned and sanitized, the foils are removed with a specialized machine. The salvaged aluminum foil can then be used freely by the aluminum processing plant. The use of electricity, heat and water at Rothaus is considerably lower than the industry average. We achieve a high level of efficiency through the use of the most modern machines and equipment. An example of this is in the areas of heat production and heat recovery. Roughly 80%, or 15,000 megawatt hours of heat energy, which the brewery requires in total, has been produced since 2008 through Co2-neutral wood-powered boilers. The required wood chips are derived from scrap wood gathered by the forestry service in the brewery’s immediate surroundings.

Through the Sudhaus, which has been in operation since 2006, the overall use of heat has been reduced by 20%. Nearly all the waste material that results from production is recycled to protect the environment. Waste can therefore be reduced to a bare minimum. Spent grains, for example, can be excellently used as animal feed. The beer yeast that results from the fermentation process serves as a foundation for the production of vitamin and nutritional supplements. We’re also one of the few breweries in Germany that operates its own wastewater treatment plants. The wastewater is purified in our treatment plants of up to 99.9% of existing foreign matter and achieves the quality of bathwater. We even utilize the 70-meter difference in altitude between the brewery and the treatment plant as a means to produce energy. We’re even conscientious about the environment when it comes to our distributors. Whenever possible we receive our raw materials in reusable containers. Leftover materials are meticulously separated, recycled as raw materials (glass, metal scraps, synthetic materials, waster paper, and similar substances) and put back into circulation.

The effectiveness of our processes and measures to protect the environment are strictly overseen by governmental regulatory bodies, in addition to being reviewed every year by an independent authority and verified under DIN EN ISO 14001 through the certification of our environmental management system.

Environmental Conservation | Rothaus


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