A brewing tradition right in the heart of the Black Forest

Over the course of the 200 years since being founded, Rothaus Brewery has evolved from a small monastery brewery to the Rothaus Baden State Brewery AG. Learn more about the brewery’s rich history and its path from a small Black Forest business to a large, productive enterprise.

Founding years
The restaurant "Zum Rothen Haus" and the monastery brewery

The Rothaus Brewery was founded 1791 through the Benedictine monastery St. Blasien in the “Zum Rothen Haus” inn (“To the Red House” in English), whose existence has been on record...

The 19th century
Secularization, Baden Revolution and the first bottled Rothaus beer

Following the secularizations of 1806, the Rothaus Brewery fell out of the hands of the Grand Duchy of Baden and was renamed the “Großherzogliche Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus”...

The 20th century
Years of war, reorganization and the "Tannenzäpfle"

For the Rothaus Brewery, the 20th century started of with a heavy blow. In 1904 a large fire caused a lot of damage to many parts of the brewery. Reconstruction was expected to la...

Rothaus Today
New markets, growth and innovation

The continuously large demand for Rothaus beer has in the past made large investments necessary. This allowed the Rothaus Brewery to grow into one of the most modern facilities in...

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