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The continuously large demand for Rothaus beer has in the past made large investments necessary. This allowed the Rothaus Brewery to grow into one of the most modern facilities in Germany.

In this way the Sudhaus was inaugurated in 2006. The brewing, fermentation and storage tanks, all of which are made entirely of stainless steel, allow for the production of beer specialties made through traditional methods (cold fermentation, long cold storage) and under the best possible hygienic conditions.

Through the Rothaus Non-alcoholic Tannenzäpfle and the Rothaus Non-alcoholic Hefeweizen, Rothaus Brewery was able to introduce both of its first non-alcoholic beers to the market in 2009. Today, the Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG (Baden State Brewery Rothaus AG) is recognized as a distinguished example of success. The reason for this success, however, lies above all in the quality of its beer.

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