Founding years

The Rothaus Brewery was founded 1791 through the Benedictine monastery St. Blasien in the “Zum Rothen Haus” inn (“To the Red House” in English), whose existence has been on record since 1681. The location was conveniently chosen; it offered sufficient water resources and enough wood from its immediate surroundings to generate heat. The trade route from Freiburg over Grafenhausen to Waldshut made this secluded area an intermediate destination for trading. Being the route’s highest spot in altitude, Rothaus served as a perfect place for travelers to catch their breath. Aside from this, it was nestled halfway between the renowned monastery St. Blasien and its newly acquired dominion of Bonndorf.

Its founding father, Fürstabt Martin Gerbert II., is considered today as not only a famous scientist, but also as a progressive politician who was concerned in particular with the economic advancement of the region that was entrusted to him. Through his modern insights he implemented structural policies and founded, aside from the Rothaus Brewery, the Sparkasse (a chain of banks in Germany) of Bonndorf—the second oldest Sparkasse in Germany.

Martin Gerbert was born 1720 in Horb am Neckar and became a priest in 1744. Today he is indisputably considered one of the most significant abbots to have brought the St. Blasien monastery to the fore. He died on May 13, 1793 at the age of 73. Because he had had a stroke nine years earlier, he was only able to consciously witness the first few months of the Rothaus Brewery’s inception.


Founding years | Rothaus


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